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About Us

Our Mission

We collaboratively enable small and medium sized organizations to unlock their business potential to create maximum stakeholder value.

Our approach when we first kick-off a client engagement is to listen and clearly understand our client's business, their history, current challenges as well as their aspirations in the short and long term.  We then work collaboratively with our client in order to deliver a meaningful solution that addresses their pain points and charts a path to the successful realization of short and long term objectives.  


Our engagement does not end there as we endeavor to work with clients on execution and monitoring of the plan to ensure that goals and expectations are met and whenever possible, exceeded. 

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Walter Buzzelli, CPA, CMA
Managing Director

I have been in industry for 35+ years and I have had varying executive roles with SME's and with large multi-national firms.  I am a CPA by profession and I have also served as board chair of the Canadian Solar Industry Association. 


I am a firm believer of organizations needing to drive constant and disruptive change in order to stay relevant and competitive, grow their business profitably with a goal of providing distinctive value to all stakeholders.

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